Interplanetary Criminal

Interplanetary Criminal is a pioneering DJ, producer and co-head of the independent label ATW Records. The Manchester-born producer first debuted in 2016 and since then has released a string of rave-ready singles and EPs on up-and-coming labels like E-Beamz and Kalahari Oyster Cult. Over time he's cultivated his UKG sound, turning heads in even the furthest corners of the globe. Last year, Interplanetary Criminal scored a UK number-one with one of the year's most inescapable tunes B.O.T.A. in collaboration with Eliza Rose and this year, he will go on to release his first longer-form project All Thru The Night via legendary UK Garage label Locked On Records. The compilation comes 25 years after Todd Edwards' own-comp and will feature all new, original music from the very best in UK Garage at moment, including Main Phase, Ell Murphy, Ollie Rant and more.

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