Notoriously energetic, EMILIJA’s sonic universe is a steamy collision of fast-paced 90’s rave loops, hypnotic grooves and sultry kicks to drive you into a frenzy. Mirroring her background- Lithuanian by way of London and now Brussels, she draws inspiration from the gritty authenticity of her surroundings, crafting a sonic narrative that transcends boundaries. Her dynamic and dance floor-oriented sets oscillate with a fearless approach between hard house deep cuts, high energy techno and electrifying electro laced with euphoric trance toplines pulsating in unison- the perfect cure for your nocturnal cravings. Best served hot.
EMILIJA’s magnetic bass-rich rhythms and irresistible commitment to fostering an inclusive and unapologetically bold community within the local Belgian scene saw her bursting out into the club circuit with electrifying energy- a regular in bringing the heat to institutions such as Fuse and Kompass, she is rapidly setting international landscapes ablaze too.
Her journey into the world of sonic seduction is uniquely interwoven with her background in visual arts and design. EMILIJA’s keen eye for aesthetics translates into her music curation- genres are transgressed, melodies are seduced and swept into a sensual collision of moods and dynamics, sensitively brought together to stimulate the senses for an atomic bliss.

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